Susan Krueger

  • Qualified Nurse
  • Microbiologist
  • HPC Registered Podiatrist
  • Diet and Nutrition Adviser
  • Weight Loss Specialist
  • BSc (Hons) Physiology,Processes of Life and Psychology)

As a young child I sat at our kitchen table watching my mother cook and wondering why we needed to eat, what made us hungry and what food did inside us, but it was not until I reached secondary school that some of my questions were answered. There I learnt about food groups and a balanced diet in what was then called Home Economics and the process of digestion during Biology lessons.

At the age of eighteen I left school to become a student nurse at the Middlesex Teaching Hospital in London, but soon discovered that I did not have a strong enough stomach for the “yucky” side of the job. However, I stayed the three-year course and gained my qualification before leaving nursing to marry a dynamic mechanical engineer from Imperial College. We soon produced two wonderful children who I nurtured and brought up before returning to work in Biological Sciences and it was during this time that I gained my Open University honors degree in the biology,chemistry and physics of life and psychology.

For many years I worked in the fields of microbiology and genetic research until one day I decided that it was time for a change; I wanted to engage with people again rather than microbes, Petri dishes and tubes so I trained as a podiatrist and soon had a thriving domiciliary practice; it gave me great pleasure to help keep my clients mobile and pain free. I spent twelve happy years motoring around the countryside making poorly feet better. It was during this time that I began to see some of the consequences of being overweight or obese. Some of my clients had systemic conditions such as circulatory disorders and diabetes as well as painful hips, knees and foot deformities as a result of carrying too much weight so I decided to try and do something about it. I studied food and nutrition in great depth; at first independently and then as part of a recognised course in order to discover how best to help my clients. In 2014 it was time to make a change and jump from podiatrist to Diet and Nutrition Advisor with specific skills in weight loss and weight management. This field requires practitioners with specific expertise in order to help clients lose weight successfully and maintain their newly acquired weight loss.